Geopriv WG - meeting 5-6 Jun, other news

From: Allison Mankin ^lt;>
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 11:04:14 EDT

With our Area Director's consent, we have just advanced all of
our milestones (and the charter page is updated). We have also
confirmed his permission for us to have an interim meeting,
as well as the Yokohama meeting, to try to catch up.

The interim will be at Qualcomm, in San Diego, Jun 5-6. Qualcomm
has confirmed hosting. I don't have room and hotel info from
Randy or John N. yet, but we will get it to you, as well as looking
into providing a phone bridge.

The basis of our discussions for now should be the requirements draft
that Jorge Cuellar has recently announced, which represents joined efforts
from several of the folks who wrote before, and which has had
several different groups commenting and discussing it off the list
to date.

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