RE: Confidence (was: Geopriv WG - meeting 5-6 Jun, other news)

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The MLP 2.0.0 spec is
There are a lot of fixes in 3.0.0, and 2.0.0 doesn't contain the OGC
style shapes or OGC CoordinateReference system specification (we did our
own, which we later regretted).

If you're a member of LIF or OGC you can get the 3.0.0 draft now, but
otherwise have to wait a couple of weeks. It might be out just before
the Geopriv meeting.

The only things coming from GML are shapes, and in fact only a few of
them would typically be used for this particular purpose. GML is at Shapes are all
specializations of Geometry.

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At 10:01 AM 5/18/2002 -0700, Dan Greening wrote:
>In the LIF variant, confidence (although I'm not sure that's the right
>word here) is expressed as a shape.


>You can see examples of this in the LIF (Location Interoperability
>Forum) Mobile Location Protocol specification (technically "LIF TS 101
>v2.0.0"). I hope you IETF folks are referring to that, we spent a lot
>of time getting it right (especially in the public-within-weeks LIF TS
>101 v3.0.0, which incorporates shapes and coordinate reference systems
>from OGC's GML (Geographic Markup Language).

IYHO how much of GML could/should be adapted to the task a hand .. do
have any URL's to documents that describe this in more detail ..

thank you ..

>In particular, some typical regions are
>. A circle or ellipse (if you are doing cell-id with a tower with a
>non-directional antenna, or GPS).
>. A cone (if you are doing cell-id with a directional antenna on a
>. A "banana" (if you are doing cell-id with a directional antenna on a
>tower, and you are using timing-advance)
>You get some really funky regions if you have detailed coverage
>information and you are in a mountainous region. A set of disjoint
>mountaintops, for example.

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