full integrity? (was: RE: Geopriv WG - meeting 5-6 Jun, other news)

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Date: Sat May 18 2002 - 17:07:07 EDT

Aleksandar Gogic wrote:
> In principle, I believe that the location information
> should always have full integrity, i.e., deceitful
> information should not be used to protect privacy.

This brings up a few interesting points. First, in practice there will undoubtedly be use of deceitful information for legitimate reasons, for unethical but attractive reasons, or just for convenience (avoid marketers and spam, hide from a threatening ex-husband, carry out an undercover operation, et cetera).

Second, it seems likely to me that the integrity of the information for use with emergency systems will eventually be "guaranteed" by force of law if it isn't already. But even if that proves to be true, the scope, applicability, and enforcement of such laws is too uneven across political boundaries to affect requirements for the foreseeable future.

And finally, law enforcement and others with legitimate needs to obscure location already hold certain legal exceptions that may need to be accommodated in the protocol or it won't be widely implementable.

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