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Date: Sat May 18 2002 - 19:13:43 EDT

At 03:07 PM 5/18/2002 -0600, Zmolek, Andrew (Andrew) wrote:
>Aleksandar Gogic wrote:
> > In principle, I believe that the location information
> > should always have full integrity, i.e., deceitful
> > information should not be used to protect privacy.
>This brings up a few interesting points. First, in practice there will
>undoubtedly be use of deceitful information for legitimate reasons, for
>unethical but attractive reasons, or just for convenience (avoid marketers
>and spam, hide from a threatening ex-husband, carry out an undercover
>operation, et cetera).

Agreed, this is a very interesting area, and I hope the view I expressed
will ignite a discussion that will lead us toward a good understanding of
this delicate issue.

Protection of location privacy can be achieved by willingness to disclose
it to a certain degree of precision, up to the point of barring any
disclosure. My point on integrity was that disclosure to a level of
precision is just as effective in protecting privacy, as provision of
deceitful information would be. In fact, a poorly executed deceitful
disclosure can be less effective.

>Second, it seems likely to me that the integrity of the information for
>use with emergency systems will eventually be "guaranteed" by force of law
>if it isn't already. But even if that proves to be true, the scope,
>applicability, and enforcement of such laws is too uneven across political
>boundaries to affect requirements for the foreseeable future.
>And finally, law enforcement and others with legitimate needs to obscure
>location already hold certain legal exceptions that may need to be
>accommodated in the protocol or it won't be widely implementable.
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