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Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 19:33:06 EDT

At 4:28 PM -0400 5/16/02, Richard Shockey wrote:

> It strikes me there are two key requirements here which is 1. a
> Location Object which is the semantic expression of location data
> and other useful information ( raw or other ) of the Target that
> can be interpreted by Location Seeker in order to act upon it and
> 2. A Location Privacy Object that presumably under the control Rule
> Maker ( perhaps the Target ) that expresses what information can be
> transferred and under what conditions. Both of these objects
> reside in this "Location Server" that can be queried by some
> undefined and presumably out of scope application mechanism keyed
> on by some identifier ( phone number for instance).
> I submit that any discussion of transport of geopriv objects be
> deemed out of scope and those discussions are best left to the
> applications that need geopriv data ...SIP for instance.

It may be worth keeping in mind some example usages. For instance,
there is an existing draft on requesting and disclosing location
information within HTTP. In that context, a web browser (perhaps on
a cell phone) requests a document and is asked for its location.
There is a wide range of possibilities in how it answers that
request, depending in many ways on what we end up with here in

For example, the web server could partially fill in some sort of
geopriv object, to indicate the required precision and age, its
identity, and perhaps some broad category of use. If the web knows
its location but doesn't have the power to process policy, it could
perhaps fill in its location but encrypt it, and indicate a location
server to which the web server can go to get the data decrypted
subject to policy.

Such example uses raise questions about the information that needs to
be in the object(s), if the policy itself is included or not, and if
an identifier is included or not. (In the HTTP example, there is no
need for a geopriv target identifier.)
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