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At 11:23 AM 5/17/2002 -0600, Zmolek, Andrew (Andrew) wrote:
>Richard Shockey wrote:
>....<snip>....but let's keep in mind
>that confidence might also be expressible in terms of intelligence that can
>infer location indirectly (i.e. based on what I know I'm 70% sure you are in
>your office right now).

I'm troubled by this reasoning or direction the meaning is (might) take --
as I can foresee this confidence percentage directly and
non-deterministically affecting the accuracy value when also present.

Accuracy is a purposeful fudging of the exact location.

Confidence is the best guess with a percentage of where a Location Target is.

If both are present in the reply, then the requestee gets to graph a curve
of if they believe the answer was (close to being) right or not.

Conceivably, I can see the actual location being an order of magnitude from
the location object delivered -- and then what's the point of this
exercise? Plus, the accuracy value known to the Rule Maker isn't even
correct in fudging the location delivered....

>If this intelligence wasn't derived by signal
>triangulation or GPS, than confidence measurement is a bit more subjective.
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