Re: Geopriv WG - meeting 5-6 Jun, other news

From: Eric Brunner-Williams in Portland Maine ^lt;>
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 21:41:05 EDT

Well, since its -02 incantation it appears to have grown a syntax ("semantics")
section anyone familiar with e.164 syntax would appreciate, but not much else
of note.

2. Coordinate Systems
   ... WGS 84 ...

I've a preference for UTC96. Tastes vary.

3. Implementation
   ... "geo.region" is used for the country subdivision code from ISO 3166-2

Nope. Can't use iso3166.

7. Applicability
                   ... They may not be used to describe a non-localised,
   moving, or intangible object such as a multinational company, river,
   aircraft or mathematical theory.
I'm relieved by that last bit.

8. Security Considerations
   This draft raises no security issues.
   This draft raises no significant privacy issues ...

I don't agree.

9. Internationalization consideration
   ... should use US-ASCII or UTF-8.

Nope. Not with that either.

IANA considerations (none).

I looked at Andrew's work two years ago and didn't find it interesting.

> ... but for my
> purposes here the specifics aren't important, only the intended use.

Some I-Ds are used to float (temporarily) some marketing ploy or another.
Personally I think the specifics are the only thing important in any I-D.

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