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Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 15:40:15 EDT

Eric -

Sorry about that!

There are several references.

The first is from the OGC Abstract Specification (AS). The AS provides the
abstract models as the foundation and reference for the OGC implementation
specifications. The URL for the topic volume on coordinate reference systems
(CRS) is: . The web page
says that this is version 1. It is actually version 6. It has been vetted by
world known experts in geodesy and spatial reference systems. It is also
synchronized with ISO.

The second is an example of an implementation specification for a "tightly"
coupled implementation. The example used is Java. The URL is:

The third is how CRSs are referenced in the world of the Web and Web
Services. The OGC membership has agreed upon a common way to specify a CRS
(also known as an SRS) in OGC interface specifications. An excellent example
of this can be found in the OGC Web Map Server Specification, also found at
the URL: . The parameter to
look for is SRS.

In all cases, the CRS model is consistent with the ISO TC 211 document. We
use something called the EPSG as the actual authority. However, we also
realize that application developers may wish to specify their own CRS
parameters and not reference the authority. This is also fine.

Hope this all helps!



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> Carl,
> Thanks for the pointer.
> After 10 minutes mousing around I still don't know anything concret, other
> than there are a lot of documents, and there is a pointer back to the SLP
> BoF I proposed to Randy and Haitao held, back in November of '00. Kwel.
> Could you be more specific? Assume I'm very dumb, and prone to get lost
> when I'm not prone. Something one can put in the References section of a
> draft.
> Tia,
> Eric
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