RE: full integrity?

From: Randall Gellens ^lt;>
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 17:37:04 EDT

At 6:04 PM -0700 5/22/02, Dan Greening wrote:

> I think it's more of a MAY NOT. The privacy platform MAY NOT allow
> users to provide false information, but MUST allow rule-makers to reject
> location requests. If the privacy platform allows users to provide
> false information it MUST indicate that capability somehow to external
> systems (like through a configuration-query).

This is a separate question to what I was trying to ask, but to
address this one, I don't see how it's any of our business if the
location is accurate or not. I also don't see how you can know,
without out-of-band information. Our business, as I understand it,
is to deal with how location information is requested and securely
disclosed in accordance with the user's policy. If someone hacks
their GPS unit to lie, but still wants to use geopriv, so what? We
can assume accurate location (or, to get back to my question, at
least one accurate location), because that's sort of the whole point
of geopriv.
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