Re: full integrity?

From: Henning Schulzrinne ^lt;>
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 19:42:14 EDT

> However, the protocol must include a way for the requester to specify
> constraints on the location report. Similarly, the protocol must
> include a way for the responder to specify constraints on the location
> request. For both the requester and the responder, the constraints must
> include the number of location objects and the precision of each object.

Plus, to play my favorite broken record: remember that there may not be
a special request "protocol" at all and no requests. The 'responder' may
simply decide to include a suitably signed/encrypted object as an email
attachment, SIP header or body, NNTP header or body, SNMP blob, HTTP
POST request, SOAP payload, BEEP payload or who knows what else. I
suspect that every single IETF-standardized application or management
protocol can usefully convey location information in some circumstance.
Assuming that the recipient can reach out and touch the target to ask
for that information in all cases is unrealistic and overly constraining.
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