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Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 15:12:59 EDT

Behcet: OK, well that's fine, I kind of got that impression.

So what we'd like to know is who from Geopriv, in principle, would
probably volunteer to attend a location summit and report back to IETF
Geopriv (i.e. not me). So it looks like I'm asking the IETF Geopriv
members this question.

Please answer "I'll probably go to a location summit, and I'll report
back to IETF Geopriv," if this is something you think you would do.

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Hi Dan,
  It seems that you are not familiar with how IETF works.
IETF Geopriv WG's charter is at:
which states that Allison Mankin and Randall Gellens are co-chairs. All
others are members of this WG. So there is no one to represent this WG
or the co-chairs and any member (which is open to public, including
yourself, i.e. anybody can be a member at any time) can represent
Geopriv WG.

Dan Greening wrote:

>We are looking for someone to represent the IETF Geopriv group. We
>believe (though if we are wrong, please set me straight) that this is
>the only active group in IETF dealing with location.
>We're not going to make any earth-shattering decisions, i.e. there
>be any votes or anything like that, but we want to make sure that the
>efforts of the different groups are at least well-understood, and if
>possible coordinated to reduce the overall effort and maximize the
>value of the effort.
>LIF, OGC, WAP Forum, OMA, 3GPP and GSMA have lots of informal and
>connections that ensure, or attempt to ensure, that we come up with
>harmonious standards and reduce the overall workload and produce better
>standards. We'd like to have at least an informal communication path
>with IETF Geopriv. This will likely benefit IETF Geopriv, even if the
>IETF Geopriv attendee's only function is to observe.
>So in other words, we'd like someone who can fairly represent the work
>of people in the group, has a good handle on what the group's likely
>accomplishments might be, and can communicate back to IETF Geopriv
>how that location summit proceeded. We can probably accommodate
>multiple attendees from IETF Geopriv.
>Anyway, we just want to get a sense whether you'd support it, attend,
>Dan Greening, Ph.D. CEO, BigTribe Corporation
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>define appropriate.
>represent what or whom?

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