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Even for those that think the world is a cell phone, IP is important.
New cell phones coming out in the next 12-18 months have built-in
802.11, and wireless carriers are starting to deploy 802.11 hot spots
(to add to their cellular deployments).

However, I don't think oysters have even considered packet transmission
(though no question, location is very important to them).

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Oki all,

This is from the mobile ad-hoc routing (manet wg) list.

For those on the geopriv list who think the world is a cell phone,
or some other carrier serviced oyster, this may not appear to be a

The question posed is how can addressing (possibly routable network
topology) reflect (not necessarily coordinate based) locality?

Note: manet "lives" on a manifold (something locally Euclidean, or
        quasi-Euclidean), uses ip, and in this discussion thread, it
        connects to the catanet.
        geopriv appears to "live" on only a three-sphere, and may use
I simply want to let folks know that other people occasionally bump into


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In my opinion some addressing scheme inspired from Virtual IP would be
useful in MANET framework: we might think to bind real IP addresses to
locality (or to a cluster) and this could reduce most of the network
related to routing management. (Routing tables would change with a lower

If the Virtual IP (the name of the node) doesn't change even iin the
case of
a migration it is possible for the others to track its movement and to
the services it shows as soon as it reconnects somewhere into the MANET.

Is it meaningfull? I'd like to have your opinion...

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