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Mobile IP API

IP address can be used to infer (to some extent) the geographic location of
a node on the Internet. There exists a number of services on the Internet
that can map a given address to a geographical location. These systems
assume the IP address of the node is a topologically correct one. This
assumption does not hold true when Mobile IP protocol is used by the node.
This protocol hides the changes in the IP address of the node from the
applications (both running on the node, and on the correponding node).
Mobile IP protocol aims at handling mobility transparently on the IP module,
whereas Mobile IP API aims at exposing it to the applications that would
like to take advantage mobility awareness.

An application using this API can learn about the movement of the node (if
running on the mobile node) and also its peers (if running on the
correspondent node). It can learn the topologically correct IP addresses, so
that the inferred geo-location maps to the currently visited network of the
mobile node, not to the home network of the mobile node.

This is a read-only API that allows enhanced applications to obtain more
information from the IP module regarding the location (in IP topology) and
movement of the local and corresponding nodes.

Comments are welcome.

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