[Geopriv] Supported Permissions

From: Tschofenig Hannes ^lt;hannes.tschofenig@siemens.com>
Date: Wed Nov 26 2003 - 05:54:45 EST

Hi Jonathan,
Hi all,

in section 5 of the xcap-authz draft so-called "supported permissions" are
described. if i understood them correctly then their purpose is to allow the
entity which creates the rules to dynamically determine the current version
of the xcap-authz policies (i.e., which xml attributes are understood by the

it is certainly important to think about extensibility of the authorization
policies. in geopriv we have also thought a little about these issues. have
you thought about other mechanisms for determining the version? maybe there
are simpler mechanisms.

looking at the example in section 5.6 i had the impression that you also
combine the authorization policies with the actual data. i think that some
information is missing in the xml schema (and in the example) to be
complete. in any case i think that they should be separated. please correct
me if i misunderstood your intention.


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