Re: [Geopriv] SIP Location Conveyance: dereferencing location-by-reference

From: Andrew Newton ^lt;>
Date: Tue Jul 18 2006 - 17:25:00 EDT

Brian Rosen wrote:
> In sip-location-conveyance, we allow a URI in the Location header to provide
> for location-by-reference. We must have some kind of text that says what
> the recipient does with this URI.
> Our proposal is to change the ABNF, which currently allows this URI to be
> AbsoluteURI (meaning any scheme) and replace it with HTTP/HTTPS only. Of
> course, there would still be the cid: for message body identification. We
> would then define a dereference process as doing an HTTP/HTTPS GET, with no
> parameters, on the URI, and expect to receive in return a PIDF-LO, exactly
> as it would appear in a body. The text would state MUST implement TLS,
> except for the emergency case. The text would further state that additional
> dereferencing procedures could be defined by a standards track RFC.

I'm not sure it is as simple as this.

What happens when a client gets a subscribable location reference URI
via the L7-LCP, and puts that into a Location header in an INVITE? How
is the subscription done with HTTP?


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