Re: [Sip] Re: [Geopriv] SIP Location Conveyance: dereferencing location-by-reference

From: James M. Polk ^lt;>
Date: Wed Jul 19 2006 - 15:46:51 EDT

At 12:51 PM 7/19/2006 -0400, Andrew Newton wrote:
>James M. Polk wrote:
>>At 05:25 PM 7/18/2006 -0400, Andrew Newton wrote:
>>>What happens when a client gets a subscribable location reference URI
>>>via the L7-LCP,
>>you mean a SIP or SIPS URI?
>>You expect SIP to be a dereference capable protocol? Why?
>I actually didn't mention SIP as the dereference protocol.

you mentioned subscriptions, and sip-location-conveyance doesn't, but SIP
does with SUBSCRIBE - so I made that leap.

Why do you want a subscription, and where's the requirement for that? The
ID currently doesn't have one.

>What I am asking is which dereference protocol with a subscription
>mechanism are you going to specify? Or should implementers assume XMPP
>for this feature? :)
>>>and puts that into a Location header in an INVITE?
>>INVITEs don't do subscriptions, SUBSCRIBEs do, so this L7 value put into
>>a Location header that's in an INVITE wouldn't create a subscription in
>>the first place.
>Thanks for the clarification, but I was talking about the dereference
>being orchestrated via subscription rather than polling. I wasn't really
>talking about the conveyance itself, other than to ask how a conveyee is
>to know what to do with the reference.
>>The above offering is to make sure dereferencing is done with HTTP/HTTPS,
>>not SIP.
>I know, which is why I asked...
>>> How is the subscription done with HTTP?
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