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I am not sure that I agree with you on this one.
The problem is not in the request protocol at all, the GET works fine
providing the return type is always a PIDF-LO.


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> I started a discussion of what can be in the location header besides a
> cid:.
> We remain convinced that AbsoluteURI is a poor choice; we must be more
> specific, including privacy concerns.
> It is now clear that simply saying "https:" is not enough. There
> be multiple location resolution protocols that use http transport. We
> need something else that would differentiate which one. The simple
> mechanism we proposed would need at least a parameter of some sort.
> After thinking about it for a while, I think the best resolution is
> Andy's suggestion of a registry, used in conjunction with a parameter.
> I'm ambivalent on whether the parameter is a URI parameter or a
> parameter on the Location header. We would define the registry (and
> parameter) in location-conveyance and create one entry (the simple GET
> with PIDF-LO return). It may be, for example, that the proposed L7
> location acquisition protocol defines another http based resolution
> protocol. That document could define another entry in the registry.
> Brian
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