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From: Hannes Tschofenig ^lt;>
Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 10:33:38 EDT

Hi all,

I would really appreciate if you guys make a difference between an end
host adding a location-by-reference and a proxy adding a
location-by-reference to a SIP message. If the end host adds something
you can further differentiate whether it is added to the header or the body.

This differentiation is really important and that was the reason why I
wrote a long mail (and it took some time) to elaborate on the different
scenarios and the challenges.

Jeroen van Bemmel wrote:
>> I don't really understand why you think location by reference is so
>> much of
>> a concern.
> Because location by reference involves storage of personal information
> on a server.

In general it does not.

  That suddenly makes all sorts of regulations apply, the
> points I mentioned address only a small part of that. Having an
> anonymous URL for example often makes a difference, because then the
> information is no longer directly linked to a particular person.
> When an endpoint inserts location by value, you can reasonably argue
> that opt-in consent requirements (which many countries have) are
> fulfilled, provided the endpoint gives the user control over whether or
> not location is inserted. Same holds for the endpoint inserting a flag
> asking a proxy to fill in the location (by value).

One of the use cases I have been told regarding the
location-by-reference addition by the SIP proxy is that providers want
to deal with legacy devices that do not learn location information from
the network.

> For location-by-reference this is much more fuzzy. You probably don't
> need a lecture on privacy regulations, but e.g.
> (from 2003 but still
> applicable IMO) illustrates the mess.
> A while ago I submitted a draft on Temporarily Routable User Agent URIs
> (,
> which provides anonymous, temporary URIs that can be explicitly
> invalidated. You may want to consider something similar for
> location-by-reference


> Regards,
> Jeroen
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