Re: [Geopriv] Re: [Sip] teasing apart: http as a GEOPRIV using protocol

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Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 13:25:42 EDT


Hannes Tschofenig wrote:
> Hi Henning,
> here is the reason why I think we are not talking about a 'using
> protocol' here: All we want is to perform dereferencing.

Since the place where the reference is made also includes an identity,
it is very easy to get the location of a user... and hence the line is
crossed with regard to privacy.

> We don't want something that does all the fancy features of a presence
> solution.

So why did GEOPRIV use PIDF as its basis? Has as been quoted on this
list recently, 4119 does not require the use of presence solution, but
presence solutions were very much a target platform.

> I am not even sure where the privacy rules should come from. In the
> Geopriv L7 discussion we had at least a proposal that some of us didn't
> like (namely the end host provides the privacy rules to the LIS). I
> haven't seen such a proposal here.

An L7-LCP does not have to be a using protocol primarily because the
usage is for a much narrower purpose. It can be a GEOPRIV using
protocol, but I believe one of the complaints against HELD (which
attempted to be an L7-LCP and GEOPRIV using protocol) is that it was
doing too much.

> Here is my question (I raised it already with my scenario list): Where
> does the SIP proxy get the information to construct a PIDF-LO?
> * We assume that it gets the location information somehow. Not further
> specified and might depend on the deployment environment.
> * What is the "entity" attribute of the 'presence' element?
> * Where does the content for the usage-rules (e.g,
> 'retransmission-allowed', 'retention-expires', 'ruleset-reference',
> 'note-well') come from?

It is possible that a network operator does have enough information to
formulate a PIDF-LO, at least what is necessary for emergencies.


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