[Geopriv] Moving Forward on 3825 update

From: Andrew Newton ^lt;andy@hxr.us>
Date: Sat Feb 03 2007 - 21:14:06 EST


Brian is right. We need to come to conclusions on this document and
move on. The following are how I see the consensus of the GEOPRIV
working group on this topic.

1) We've had long discussions regarding the difference between
uncertainty and resolution. While some people believe uncertainty
information should be communicated with 3825 coordinates, there is no
consensus within the working group to do this.

2) Likewise, there is no consensus in the working group that
resolution should not be communicated with 3825 coordinates. With
this particular issue, I also weighed the chair's right to demand
technical soundness of a document. There were no valid answers to
Henning's question (http://www1.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/geopriv/
current/msg02665.html), so I am left to conclude that this is a
technically sound and reasonable thing to do.

3) There is rough consensus that RFC 3825 is unclear or misleading
with respect to the type of information to be conveyed in DHCP.
Therefore, the decision made in San Diego at IETF 67 to produce an
update to RFC 3825 clarifying any misleading text and adding new,
clarifying text is still the course of action for this working group.

-andy, GEOPRIV co-chair

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