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James -

I do not any comments or issues with the document.

However, I was wondering: At the Where 2.0 Conference there were several companies present that have as a business focus providing location based on WiFi. One such company is Skyhook. I wanted to make sure that I understand where such an application fits into the scheme as presented in this document. Perhaps this is not germane as Skyhook is not a network provider nor are they dealing with cable based broadband . But they are a provider and link into the broadband network and I would guess that they would be considered a service provider.

Just wondering



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  Hi All,


  At the IETF meeting in Prague a decision was made to remove the LIS to LIS protocol requirements from the L7 LCP requirements document and put them in their own separate draft. Steve Norreys and I took the action to come up with a draft to address these requirements.



  Comments welcome.





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