Re: [Geopriv] WGLC: draft-ietf-geopriv-pidf-lo-profile-07.txt

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Date: Wed Jun 20 2007 - 17:59:06 EDT

Have read through the document. From a GML and from the GML 3.1.1 PIDF-LO
Shape Application Schema for use by the Internet Engineering Task Force
(IETF)", the document appears to be spot-on. My only suggestion is that for
the polygon example, it might be useful to show how all of the coordinates
can be expressed in a more compact manner. So instead of:

                   <gml:pos>43.311 -73.422</gml:pos> <!--A-->
                   <gml:pos>43.211 -73.422</gml:pos> <!--H-->
                   <gml:pos>43.111 -73.322</gml:pos> <!--G-->
                   <gml:pos>43.111 -73.222</gml:pos> <!--F-->
                   <gml:pos>43.211 -73.122</gml:pos> <!--E-->
                   <gml:pos>43.311 -73.122</gml:pos> <!--D-->
                   <gml:pos>43.411 -73.222</gml:pos> <!--C-->
                   <gml:pos>43.411 -73.322</gml:pos> <!--B-->
                   <gml:pos>43.311 -73.422</gml:pos> <!--A-->

you could also have an example that shows:

                   <gml:posList>43.311 -73.422 43.211 -73.422
 43.111 -73.322 43.111 -73.222 43.211 -73.122 43.311 -73.122 43.411 -73.222
43.411 -73.322 43.311 -73.422</gml:posList>

Makes for a much more compressed expression of the coordinates. However, it
does introduce the use of "posList" for expressing polygon coordinates.
However, "posList" is used for the coordinate list in Prism. Very
straightforward to double check the GML 3.1.1 schemas in the OGC Best
Practices document. Not critical and up to Martin et. al.



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> All -
> Hannes and James tell me that
> draft-ietf-geopriv-pdif-lo-profile-07.txt
> is ready for WGLC. This document's been around for a long time, but it's
> been awhile since
> it's received comment on the list. Now is a good time to read through it
> and make sure it says what you
> remember it should say.
> I'd like to get a good record of how much review the document's received,
> so please respond even if
> you have no changes to suggest. If you are ok with the document
> progressing, but don't plan to review
> it yourself, I'd like to hear that too.
> Please send comments to the list by June 22.
> Thanks,
> RjS
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