Re: [Geopriv] SIP lbyr location deref using draft-mahy-geopriv-sip-loc-pkg-02.txt

From: Hannes Tschofenig ^lt;>
Date: Mon Jul 16 2007 - 04:41:07 EDT

James M. Polk wrote:
> At 12:52 PM 7/15/2007, Rohan Mahy wrote:
>> What is described in section 3.6 of location conveyance is not a
>> dereferencing scheme as described in draft-marshall-geopriv-lbyr-
>> requirements. This section hopelessly confuses location included with
>> bonafide presence (ability to communicate), from raw location that
>> contains no information about the ability to communicate.
> Robert has strongly suggested this section (3.6) of Conveyance include
> an event package - with rules of usage. After talking with him about
> it, I agree. This will be a new event package and will only allow a
> single (Expires: 0) dereference (i.e., one NOTIFY containing the
> PIDF-LO), and not allow pending subscriptions or target tracking
> (i.e., numerous NOTIFYs returned).
This is totally wrong. Why would you want to make of a SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY
concept if you want to rule out this behavior?
> The new event package will likely be called something like
> "location-deref", verses something else like "location-tracking" for a
> future effort that's out of scope for Conveyance.
> Rohan, I'm open to your suggestions on how to further make section 3.6
> clearer, as Conveyance right now doesn't allow "raw" location to be
> sent anywhere.
This just does not make sense to me.


> James
>> thanks,
>> -rohan

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