[Geopriv] HELD Comment on terminology and semantics

From: Stark, Barbara ^lt;bs7652@att.com>
Date: Fri Jul 20 2007 - 15:35:50 EDT

This comment also affects the L7 LCP requirements, since that's where
some of the terminology comes from.

Access Provider is defined as "an organization". That's singular.
Specifically, one that provides physical connectivity.

L7 LCP never defined the term, but I guess it sort of implied the same
thing, by inheriting the term from geopriv requirements.

My problem is that the device will most likely talk to the LCS of an L3
provider (a.k.a. ISP), and not the physical access provider. If the two
are the same, then that's fine. But if they aren't, then saying the
device talks to the physical access provider LCS isn't correct. Anyway,
I think we've had this semantic discussion before, and we agree that
this is true, and that there can be multiple LCS, etc.

I recommend the following changes:
In 3 Terminology, first paragraph, replace "Access Provider (AP)" with
"Access Network".
Delete Access Network Provider definition.
Delete Access Provider definition.
Access Network (no abbreviation needed): The network that provides
physical and Layer 1 through Layer 3 connectivity to customers / users.
Examples of physical connectivity include digital subscriber lines,
cable TV plants, Ethernet, leased lines or radio frequencies. This
network may include elements owned by different providers, since it is
not necessary for all layers of access to be provided by the same

In LCS definition, delete "Provider's".
Delete Location Generator definition. I couldn't find any use of this.
Delete Location Server definition. I couldn't find any use of this.

In 4 (Overview and Scope) first paragraph, 3rd sentence, change it to
"The LCS service allows Devices (and Targets) to retrieve LI." In the
diagram, delete "Provider".

I think if L7 LCP removed the word "Provider" from sections 1 through 3,
that it would also be good.

I realize this goes all the way back to geopriv requirements. However,
that was written before it was necessary to distinguish between L2 and
L3 providers (like L7 LCP does in its latter sections). I'd rather not
touch geopriv requirements. But given all the requirements in L7 LCP
about relationships between providers, and given that we're now starting
LIS to LIS requirements, I think that suggesting "Access Provider" is a
singular organization is dangerous. I'm okay with having a singular
access network, so long as we mention that it may be operated by
multiple providers.

Miscellaneous typos / editorial comments
1. 1 Introduction, 2nd sentence, change "such as such as" to "such as"
2. end of that same paragraph, include reference to L7 LCP ("[11]").
3. 4 Overview and Scope, 4th paragraph, change "this protocol" to "the
HELD protocol", just for clarity, in case other people miss the obvious
antecedent, like I did at first.



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