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From: Marc Linsner ^lt;>
Date: Fri Jul 27 2007 - 18:28:43 EDT


> I'm not asking for a specific "emergency" designation. I'm
> perfectly fine with a "jurisdictional" designation of the
> civic form for use in an emergency context as it is the form
> that we, as emergency services providers, are getting from
> the municipalities for emergency use.
> I need this characterization because:
> 1) In some circumstances, the Jurisdictional address is not
> the same as postal. For example, in some rural areas only PO
> boxes at a central post office are use. In order to provide
> emergency services, the local authorities create an
> addressing scheme (jurisdictional) that they supplied to the
> emergency services provider. The addressing scheme is not
> always adopted (for reasons I don't know so please don't ask)
> by Canada post.

I would not expect the LO to be populated with PO box information. House
number, street name, etc. is what is expected. The GeoPriv common usage for
'postal' means the address used for delivery to a location, not a PO box.

> 2) NENA i2 specifically support both forms (Postal and
> Jurisdictional) to be used and conveyed for consumption into
> the i2 domain. Not supporting this in the IETF mechanisms
> would deprecate the functionality of i2 on which, Canada is
> relying upon.

The input to NENA i2 (from consumer to VPC) is the address known by the
consumer, not the MSAG address. I2 supports conversion between the two, but
does not carry both on the VoIP side of the gateway.


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