RE: [Geopriv] HELD comment on responseTime parameter

From: Stark, Barbara ^lt;>
Date: Wed Aug 15 2007 - 12:59:51 EDT

So long as I can have really simple rules for emergency call
applications, I'm happy. I want to be able to have really simple rules
for devices and for the LIS. I regret to admit, the devices and network
elements I specify don't tend to do a lot of "thinking" and don't really
"know" much, outside of what I tell them. And since I don't know or
think too much (if I can help it), that makes them pretty limited.

As has been mentioned, the longer the time the application may be
willing to wait, the more likely it is that other time-outs (e.g., open
port in a NAT) will time-out first. Right now, I don't realistically
expect http ports without traffic to stay open for too long, in a NATted
consumer environment. I'm thinking it's best not to bet on anything over
60 seconds in this environment. And I know I don't have enough knowledge
or thinking ability to intelligently design an app that can properly
determine a good value that's less than 60 seconds, other than "ASAP".
I'd be a little worried if my app somehow knew this, when I sure don't.
But, since I recognize that HELD can be used in other environments for
other applications, I have to step beyond my dumb NATted consumer bias
and admit that I really don't care. So long as I can have my simple,
unthinking, un-knowing rule. And so long as we keep the text that says
my LIS (or whatever the heck it's called) is allowed to use this value
as something that provides guidance, rather than as an absolute limit (I
prefer not to think too hard about LIS specifications, either). Under no
circumstances, can I accept something that forces additional complexity
on me. Optional complexity is ok. I'll just opt out.

I hope somebody cries "uncle" soon on the current debate, so we can get
on with some new and more exciting challenge. Maybe we can discuss how
to deal with "accuracy vs. response time" needs in relation to
references, rather than HELD. That would be such fun -- I'm really
looking forward to it.

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