RE: [Geopriv] HELD Emergency Text

From: Brian Rosen ^lt;>
Date: Tue Oct 02 2007 - 09:02:52 EDT

> Is this text intended for the HELD draft? Does some of it belong more in
> phonebcp than HELD? Specifically, the last paragraph seems more bcp-like
> than protocol specification.
As in the other part of this thread, I agree it goes in -phonebcp

> For the last paragraph, I believe that any device capable of making
> emergency calls that is making a HELD query to get its location at
> system startup MUST do so with responseTime set to emergencyDispatch.
Yes, I would think so too

> As for not using emergencyDispatch when making an emergency call, I
> don't think this is quite right. I think we would want both an
> emergencyDispatch and emergencyRouting query at call time. The
> emergencyRouting value would be used for routing, and the
> emergencyDispatch would update the currently saved Dispatch location.
Well, I think that's complicated.

First of all, the minimum sequence is emergencyRouting and send the call.
UPDATE location later if you need to.

Question to James et. al. on a reference: Do you ever think something like
the notion of emergencyRouting/Dispatch would get encoded in the reference?
I hope not.

Then you could ask for both, but you need to do that in separate requests so
that the response to the Routing request comes in as soon as it's ready.

And of course if you get both, and you have them before you send the call
(meaning they come in quickly), then you want to use and send Dispatch and
discard Routing unless there is an error.

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