[Geopriv] Location Deference Event Pkg 02

From: Salvatore Loreto ^lt;salvatore.loreto@ericsson.com>
Date: Fri Oct 26 2007 - 08:57:21 EDT

Hi there,

I haven't seen any discussion on this draft during the last months.
It seems that there is a lack of interest in the wg, however it is
becoming important for OMA.

I have read carefully the draft and I have some initial comments:

1) (Section 3.3) "For this package the subscriber SHOULD include an

My understand is that it is only a recommendation, but draft does not
restrict to use any other type of content (i.e for QoS parameters

2) (Section 3.7): "If no location-filter is provided, the Notifier
SHOULD reject the subscription with a 403 Forbidden response"

I don't think that should be always true.
In fact it should be possible that if SUBSCRIBE with Expires 0 is sent
(one time request), then it should possible that no filter is provided.
Notifier will send current location information as soon as possible.

3) (Section 3.8) "Immediately after a subscription is accepted, the
Notifier MUST send a NOTIFY with the current location information as
appropriate based on the identity of the subscriber."

According to RFC 3265 it is possible to sent NOTIFY with pending status,
and then, when request is actually authorized and location information
obtained, then initial NOTIFY with location information is going to be
sent. This is not mentioned in the draft, but maybe it needs

Best Regards

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