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Date: Tue Nov 06 2007 - 12:42:23 EST


> >
> > In the case of software VPN, if you read #2, I'm trying to explain
> > that location configuration needs to happen prior to tunnel
> > establishment.
> > There
> > are too many variables involved to depend on LIS/location discovery
> > working properly during/after tunnel establishment (end host route
> > tables, subnet restrictions, etc.).
> > [[MCD]] Right - which is the same constraint as applies to using
> > DHCP...
> Not exactly the same. End host invocation of DHCP is
> predictable and therefore solutions are predictable. End
> host invocation of HELD is not predictable nor controllable.
> [[MCD]] Seems a matter of degree - DHCP requests could be
> sent broadcast or unicast; it's not totally predictable.

Your comment makes no sense, besides broadcast vs. unicast being irrelavent
to this discussion, there is no mechanism to advise an end host of the
available DHCP servers prior to the initial end host DHC discover packet.
The handling of the discovery packets is under total control of the
broadcast domain administration.

It is very predictable when an end host invokes DHCP. It is very
predictable what DHCP server an end host communicates with. Hence, the
response from the DHCP server is totally controllable.

> >
> > In the case of hardware VPN, if you read #3 & #4, I'm trying to
> > explain that, in most cases, the hardware VPN device offers network
> > configuration to the end host and typically the end host has no
> > visibility to the home network/home router, therefore could not
> > utilizes services of the home or local SP network.
> >
> > [[MCD]] This is the one I'm asking you to explain... let's
> start with
> > the target/user device in the home network...
> > where is this hardware VPN device?
> You actually need me to answer this?
> [[MCD]] I don't know that I need it; but I'd appreciate it.
> Is that it a problem?

The use case is a hardware VPN device in the home network, so the hardware
VPN device connects to the home network and the end host connects to the VPN


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