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The VoIP emergency architecture being considered for deployment in 2008
in the UK requires the HELD identity extensions. It would be preferable
if the HELD Identity Extensions draft was also discussed in Vancouver if
at all possible so we could expect to use an international standard
rather than a national variant.

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Folks -

We have 2.5 hrs in Vancouver (Friday morning). Based on our chartered
work, list discussions, and agenda requests, here's the agenda I'm
planning to follow:

15m Administrivia Chairs
30m http-location-delivery Mary (<- Lets finish this one!)
20m Finishing geopriv-policy Hannes/Cullen
30m LIS Discovery James W
10m l7lcp-ps Hannes
20m pidf-lo-dynamic Henning
15m dhcp-lbyr-uri-option James P
10m civicaddresses-austria Karl
20m Uncertainty and Confidence James W
10m HELD Dereference James W

As usual, we have many other requests to talk about other things -
please take those to the list for now.

This is a draft agenda and we can change it. Let me know if you think
I've missed something important.


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