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At 08:20 PM 11/21/2007, Winterbottom, James wrote:
>Hi James,
>I think your position below is at odds with NENA and most folks I talk

Then I would say they do not really understand SIP, nor have they
really read SIP Location Conveyance.

>I agree that the area is a little grey though.

You are wrong, and this isn't grey at all. SIP Location Conveyance,
the document, *DOES*NOT* define how to seek someone else's location, EVER.

Location-by-reference has location sent to the intended Location
Recipient ONCE. If SIP or Presence is used for dereferencing, this
occurs in the NOTIFY request, which is CONVEYING location to the
Location Recipient. This is the only time actual location is in any
message, and with an LbyR, it is sent indirectly in the initial
request (or UPDATE), but it is still SENT.

I'm not sure how much clearer I, as the document author, can state this.

I don't care what NENA (no offense), or any other organization says
in this regard. The document is about conveying which, in English,
this means sending out or transmitting or telling, not seeking and learning.

To put this simply, Location Conveyance does not give rules for Alice
to seek and 'go get' Bob's location. It does provide rules for how
Alice tells Bob her location (by-value and by-reference).

The SIP WG and Jon Peterson, the RAI AD, are very clear on this
separation of what SIP Conveyance is accomplishing.

This document has been around for 4 years now, and it has said this
explicitly since IETF63 (Paris), without change.

> > BTW - I don't consider a dereference "location retrieval", that's
> > conveyance.
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