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From: Salvatore Loreto ^lt;>
Date: Fri Nov 30 2007 - 09:06:02 EST

Hi Carl,

thanks for reviewing and comments the draft.

You are completely right, we should also consider the benefit related
with legal consideration.
We'll insert this in the next version of the draft.

About the location accuracy,
our intention is to use "accuracy" to describe the required level from
the application perspective, so that proper position determination
technology can be chosen by the location server.

I also think that is good have a general definition of accuracy.


On Thu, 2007-11-29 at 12:57 -0700, Carl Reed OGC Account wrote:
> Salvatore -
> I have finished reviewing the
> document.
> A few suggestions/comments.
> 1. Section 1.1. In the benefits list, there is one benefit that always seems
> to be left out when discussing Quality - whether quality of data or quality
> of service. This benefit has to do with legal considerations. While legal
> considerations may not be part of the purview of this WG, I know that in
> both OMA and the OGC, quality is a major issue in terms of legal exposure.
> For example, suppose that a consumer uses a location service but due to poor
> location data - and no notification to the consumer in terms of the quality
> of the location - some level of "injury" results. Injury could be any
> variety of things from emotional trauma to missing a key meeting to personal
> physical injury. One of the reasons the OGC is getting more heavily into
> Quality issues is that we want to be able to warn consumers whether the map
> data/location data they are using is "fit for purpose". By being able to
> provide such information, legal exposure could be significantly reduced for
> the location service provider.
> 2. Section 4.1. It might be useful to provide a generic definition of
> horizontal accuracy before defining horizontal accuracy within the context
> of the work of the GeoPRIV WG
> 3. Section 4.2: Ditto for vertical accuracy.
> Or perhaps just a general definition for location accuracy, such as "The
> closeness of results of observations, computations, or estimates of graphic
> map features to their true value or position". (From GIS Glossary, Data West
> Research). I can get one that is not part of a copyrighted book.
> I will also await comments from the OGC Quality WG.
> Regards
> Carl

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