Re: [Geopriv] First draft: Agenda for GEOPRIV at IETF73

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Date: Wed Nov 05 2008 - 09:50:27 EST

Hi Robert,
Hi Richard,

Thanks for putting an interesting agenda together.

Could you provide more information on how you would like to structure
the discussions for the last 2 items?

We had hot debates about
draft-winterbottom-geopriv-held-identity-extensions at the last IETF
meeting (despite the previous agreement that it should become a working
group item). Then, Ted posted a mail that triggered a very brief
discussion but there was no objection with the way how we plan to make
use of the mechanism described in the document.

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>Folks -
>Here is a strawman for how to spend the time we have at IETF73.
>Apologies if I've missed an agenda request - please ping me
>again if you've asked for time and don't see it here.
>We have 2.5 hrs on Tuesday morning.
>Here's a suggested agenda for that time:
>10m Administrivia
>40m Finalize any outstanding conversations on sip-lo-retransmission
>05m Update/discussion on http-location-delivery
>40m lis-discovery
>05m civic-address-recommendations
>05m status check on loc-filters
>05m status check on lo-sec/3963 update
>20m discuss cross-area feedback on identifiers
> (see the thread at
>20m 3rd party access to location information
>Parts of draft-winterbottom-geopriv-held-identity-extensions
>are spread across the last two items.
>I'll flesh this out tomorrow incorporating feedback.
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