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From: Richard Barnes ^lt;>
Date: Mon Nov 10 2008 - 08:39:36 EST

There's not much integration required, besides both sides speaking
HELD. The LIS that I tested against (and the default in the plugin)
is a Perl CGI script that uses some rough IP geo techniques to provide
a location for most IP addresses. I wrote that LIS independently of
this plugin, and although testing revealed some bugs in both (and
Martin T has pointed out some more bugs in the LIS), I didn't need to
do anything beyond implementing the standard to make things work.
Standards work!

As far as integration within the browser, Firefox has a layered
architecture for geolocation, where a web page queries an
implementation of the W3C Geolocation API, and the API queries a
Location Provider (e.g., this extension), which passes back a location
object. Right now, the only real fields in the API's location object
are lat/long/altitude (no civic or rules), so while we do pull more
stuff (including civic and rules) out of the PIDF-LO we get over HELD,
we can't pass them up through the API.


On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 1:44 AM, Hannes Tschofenig
<> wrote:
> Richard,
> could you elaborate a bit more on the technical integration (browser /
> server-side integration)?
> Ciao
> Hannes
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>>Hi all,
>>Over the weekend, I took Karl Heinz's idea and ran with it
>>(KHW: I listed you as a co-author, hope that's OK!). Now I
>>think we have a relatively complete first pass at a HELD
>>location provider for Firefox, which parses out essentially
>>all of the PIDF-LO object it gets from the LIS:
>>-- Geodetic location
>>-- Civic location
>>-- Privacy rules
>>It also allows the user to override the privacy rules in the
>>LO with his own rules.
>>If you've got Firefox 3.1b1, you can get the extension at the
>>following URI:
>>The disappointing thing is that nothing but a single lat/long
>>can be passed to web apps through the Geolocation API that
>>Firefox implements. Hopefully this extension will serve to
>>start some discussions between GEOPRVI and the W3C group
>>that's defining the application-layer API.
>>On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 3:33 AM, Karl Heinz Wolf
>><> wrote:
>>> As there is ongoing discussion about the W3C geolocation activities
>>> and the support in Firefox 3.1, I decided to implement a prototype
>>> geolocation-provider for Firefox 3.1beta using the HELD protocol for
>>> demonstration. Firefox allows different geolocation-providers to be
>>> installed as add-ons. So far, there is just an add-on for manual
>>> location configuration
>>> (
>>> My add-on uses the HELD protocol to get location information and
>>> passes it on to Firefox.
>>> If you want to give it a try, you have to install Firfox 3.1 beta
>>> release (download at
>>> Just install the geolcation-HELD extension, download at
>>> (if you have an
>>> account there)
>>> or direct download link
>>> geolocation/geolocation-held-0.0.1-fx.xpi
>>> The LIS has to be entered manually: In Firefox goto Tools - Add-ons,
>>> extension Geolocation-HELD, configuration and enter your LIS
>>URI (for
>>> example, the Open Source LIS works).
>>> Then, you can go to a test site, for example
>>> and Firefox alerts
>>you, that
>>> this pages wants to know where you are. If you allow exact
>>location, a
>>> HELD request is sent to the LIS and then you should see your
>>> on the map.
>>> Karl Heinz
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