Re: [Geopriv] Quick review of draft-linsner-geopriv-relativeloc-02

From: Thomson, Martin ^lt;>
Date: Tue Nov 18 2008 - 18:49:50 EST

Hi Gabor,

> I do not see any backward compatibility issues. If the resultant
> relative location is outside the boundaries of the civic address, does
> not mean you are wrong. You could have instead been wrong if you didn't
> take into consideration the reference point and relative position.

If the relative location points outside of the boundaries of the civic address, then you are misleading those clients that don't understand relative-loc. You then have two choices.

 - If you are able, provide the information that you do have and that you know is accurate. This might be considerably worse than otherwise, and you might need to specify your reference point more elaborately, but at least you aren't being purposefully misleading.

 - If you are unable to provide any information otherwise, then you could provide the information in a new container, that can't in any other way be mistaken for a civic address. In other words, don't even attempt to be backwardly compatible.

> End devices are expected to use multiple radio measurement methods to
> determine location. Some of the determined locations may be partial and
> may only make sense if combined together.

If that is the case, then you are working in a coordinate space. If you are doing that, then a geodetic position might be more appropriate (and yes, I understand the cases where this is hard to do, and so on). Otherwise, read above.

> Yes, if you know x and y. Current radio frequency measurement methods
> are not capable to determine x and y, but they can determine a range or
> distance from a reference point.

From this, it sounds like you would like to have a way to express uncertainty. This could be added to the document, but that would be up to Marc.


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