[Geopriv] adhoc meeting on civic-address-considerations on fri morning?

From: Alexander Mayrhofer ^lt;alexander.mayrhofer@nic.at>
Date: Wed Nov 19 2008 - 14:35:40 EST


In the GEOPRIV session we discussed the further steps for the civic
address considerations document - i'd like to use the opportunity to
collect feedback and ideas on that draft, plus probably get a direction
for further work, especially on:

- Process for reviewing and storing individual recommendations?
- IANA registry for those recommendations?
- I heard feedback that the draft was too long - suggested changes?
- one or two more countries in the example section? Any volunteers?

I was thinking of meeting somewhere in the meeting lobby on Friday
morning (9h30 - 11h?) - If you are interesting in contributing (or even
just lurking), please drop me a private mail.

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