Re: [Geopriv] Proposal for LIS discovery (DNS)

Date: Thu Nov 27 2008 - 04:42:40 EST

> I'm all for removing funny heuristics, but I'm not sure we need to
> remove the use of option 15 altogether. After all, RFC 2132 (S3.14)
> does say that option is "the preferred way to retrieve the domain name".

> (BTW, what is the DHCPv6 analogue for this option?) It might even be

> OK to allow fall-back to the FQDN option.
> In either case, what's important here is that following chain works:
> 1. --DHCP--> Domain name
> 2. Domain name --DNS--> LIS URI
> 3. LIS URI --HELD--> Location
> This requires coupling between the DHCP server and the DNS (there MUST
> be NAPTR records provisioned for any domains that show up in DHCP) and
> between the DHCP server, the DNS, and the LIS (the LIS referenced in a
> NAPTR record MUST be able to locate any hosts that receive the domain of

> the NAPTR in a DHCP option). There should be text in Section 6 to
> explain these linkages.>

I'm against this, for similar reasons to my objections to the PTR record

If a small enterprise wants to use their own domain name internally and
distribute that setting using DHCP Option 15[*] they MUST be able to do so
without being required to put appropriate NAPTR records and/or run a local

In any event, most DHCP servers on home gateways either:

1. don't have an Option 15 setting
2. default to blank
3. default to 'belkin.' or similar


[*] coincidentally, this option was my first contribution to an RFC, c.

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