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Robins -

I would suggest adding some clauses stating that MP shall be used in conjunction with RD or some other feature type that references a linear feature, such as a stream, road, or trail. A mile marker/post means nothing unless there is a reference feature. Also, there are often rules regarding from which "end" of the feature the marker is calculated from. Not sure if this information needs to also be encoded. Perhaps worth some discussion. Finally, the mile market issue was intensely discussed in the NENA Next Generation Data Working Group. This discussion was part of the larger addressing standards discussion. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the outcome :-( but we can find out.

Also, for those interested, there is an ISO standard for an abstract model for linear referencing (ISO 19148).


Carl Reed
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  The ECRIT WG believes, GEO-PRIV WG would be more appropriate to discuss this draft [1], by considering the previous discussions happened in the GEO-PRIV mailing list. More over, draft is talking about location information.

  Will everyone please give this draft a review, and post comments, questions, and suggested changes?

  [1] - draft-george-ecrit-lamp-post-02

  - robins.

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A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts directories.

        Title : Civic Location Format Extension for Utility and Lamp Post Numbers
        Author(s) : R. George, et al.
        Filename : draft-george-geopriv-lamp-post-00.txt
        Pages : 6
        Date : 2010-07-01

This document describes an extension to civic location format and
adds two new CAtypes: PN (pole number) and MP (milepost). Pole
Numbers are used on poles such as lamp posts or utility poles, and
can be used in some circumstances as location information. Mileposts
are numeric values measured from an end of a trail, road, railway
line or other feature.

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