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Date: Sun Jul 04 2010 - 15:45:13 EDT

It seems lik a bad idea to let perfectly good assumptions (like a MP or
a house number "needs" a road name) get screwed up by unusual exception
as you have noted.

Why not, instead, just charge ahead but allow a special value of road
name ("NULL" ?) that notes that in this case it is known that a road
name does not exist? The entered value should probably be
differentiated from that which would be provided if the value of road
name were "unknown".

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> I am a co-author on this draft, and the milepost addition to the lamp
> post original was motivated by the NENA requirement to have a milepost.
> I agree that the MP nearly always needs a road name. So does a house
> number. The current documents don't have requirements like that,
> primarily because we keep finding odd cases that don't meet what we
> thought was a simple rule.
> Brian
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