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Date: Fri Jul 30 2010 - 08:13:19 EDT

Another question:

there was some work to do a non-XCAP (REST/HTTP) based approach to
configure call handling (forward etc.) rules on a server. It was not to
replace XCAP but that work run into "who's going to implement it" type
of issues.

What happened with that work? Seems to be relevant to me.


On 30.07.2010 14:05, Richard L. Barnes wrote:
> <hat type="individual"/>
> The only concern raised in the meeting with regard to
> draft-barnes-geopriv-policy-uri was when Hannes noted that the
> exchange could be made more efficient (in the HELD context) overlaying
> the policy interactions on a HELD transaction. For example, the
> client could provide policy data in a <locationRequest> object, and
> the server could specify policy it intends to use in the
> <locationResponse>. I think we should not do this.
> The problem is that it introduces weird failure cases: Consider the
> following request:
> <locationRequest>
> <locationType>civic geodetic locationURI</locationType>
> <ruleset> ... </ruleset>
> </locationRequest>
> Suppose a server receives this request, and the server is happy to
> provide all three types of location, but it doesn't want to accept the
> policy. What should happen is that the server can provide location
> and indicate that it has rejected the policy. With the current HELD
> syntax, the rejection of policy could only be indicated with an
> <error> response, which would mean that location wouldn't get
> delivered. So we would need to introduce a separate, "non-critical"
> error reporting mechanism.
> Handling policy in a separate channel allows policy negotiations not
> to interfere with basic delivery -- we can benefit from the
> error-handling mechanisms in HTTP, without having to re-implement it
> inside the HELD XML. An extra HTTP request is not that expensive.
> As was said on another topic in the meeting: Let's just have one way.
> --Richard
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