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#38: Section 1
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 Priority: minor | Milestone: draft-ietf-geopriv-3825bis
Component: rfc3825bis | Version: 1.0
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 Marc Linsner said:

 "Further, RFC3825 includes:

 " Wireless hosts can utilize this option to gain knowledge of the
    location of the radio access point used during host configuration,
    but would need some more exotic mechanisms, maybe GPS, or maybe a
    future DHCP option, which includes a list of geo-locations like that
    defined here, containing the locations of the radio access points
    that are close to the client"

 Since draft-ietf-geopriv-rfc3825bis is updating RFC3825, it takes strong
 consensus to add/remove text from RFC3825. Since this text is missing
 draft-ietf-geopriv-rfc3825bis, one has to assume the wg agreed to taking

 You might want to go back and figure out why this text was removed and
 suggest that it's put back in, or modified and put back in."

 [BA] It appears that the text in question was removed in -02, as part of
 the merger of Sections 1 and 1.2, covered by Ticket #20. The proposed
 merger was discussed on the list in September 2009 (see
 http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/geopriv/current/msg07895.html ).

 In addition to the text that was removed, some text from
 draft-thomson-geopriv-3825bis was edited into Section 1:

    The options defined in this document have limited applicability for
    mobile hosts. Typically DHCP clients refresh their configuration in
    response to changes in interface state or pending lease expirations.
    As a result, when a mobile host changes location without subsequently
    completing another DHCP exchange, location configuration information
    initially obtained via DHCP could become outdated.

 [BA] By replacing the text on wireless usage with a statement of
 applicability relating to mobile uses, the overall impression that
 Section 1 leaves is a focus on wired uses.

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