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#38: Section 1
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 Priority: minor | Milestone: draft-ietf-geopriv-3825bis
Component: rfc3825bis | Version: 1.0
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 Recommended resolution:

 Delete the following Section 1 text:

 The options defined in this document have limited applicability for
 mobile hosts. Typically DHCP clients refresh their configuration in
 response to changes in interface state or pending lease expirations.
 As a result, when a mobile host changes location without subsequently
 completing another DHCP exchange, location configuration information
 initially obtained via DHCP could become outdated.

 Replace with:

    The mechanism defined here may also be utilized to provide location
    to wireless hosts. DHCP relay agent sub-options (RAIO) [RFC3046] is
    one method a DHCP server might use to perform host location
    determination. Currently, the relay agent sub-options do not include
    data sets required for device level location determination of
    wireless hosts. In cases where the DHC server uses RAIO for location
    determination, a wireless host can use this mechanism to discover
    location of the radio access point, or the area of coverage for the
    radio access point.

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