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#41: David Harrington's DISCUSS

Comment(by bernard_aboba@…):

 Here is the corrected text for Section 2.4.3:

 2.4.3. Altitude in Floors (AType = 2)

    A value of two for Altitude Type indicates that the Altitude value is
    measured in floors. Since altitude in meters may not be known within
    a building, a floor indication may be more useful. For AType = 2,
    the Altitude value is expressed as a 30 bit, fixed point, twos
    complement integer with 22 integer bits and 8 fractional bits.

    This value is relevant only in relation to a building; the value is
    relative to the ground level of the building. Numbering starts at
    ground level, which is floor 0 regardless of local convention.
    Floors located below ground level are represented by negative values.
    Larger values represent floors that are farther away from floor 0
    such that:

       - if positive, the floor value is farther above the ground floor.
       - if negative, the floor value is farther below the ground floor.

    Non-integer values can be used to represent intermediate or sub-
    floors, such as mezzanine levels. Example: a mezzanine between floor
    1 and floor 2 could be represented as a value of 1.25. Example:
    mezzanines between floor 4 and floor 5 could be represented as values
    of 4.5 and 4.75.

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