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#45: Adrian Farrel's DISCUSS

 Thank you for this document.

 I'm afraid that I don't understand the situation after it is published as
 RFC. It claims to obsolete RFC 3825, but a lot of the text refers to

    This document defines the Ver field for the DHCPv4 and DHCPv6
    options. New values for the Ver field are assigned through
    "Standards Action" [RFC5226]. Initial values are as follows:

    0: DHCPv4 Implementations conforming to [RFC3825]
    1: Implementations of this specification (for both DHCPv4 and DHCPv6)

 This is not possible because this document obsoletes RFC 3825, so there
 be conformance to the RFC any more!

 I think a little time should be spent re-working the text around
 references to
 RFC 3825. Either 3825 is being made historic, or this document is
 (obsoleting) 3825 and becomes the full (self-contained) reference for
 implementations. In fact (as is stated in seciton 2.2)...

               This specification defines the behavior of
               version 0 (originally specified in [RFC3825]) as well as
               version 1.

 ...so you don't need to reference 3825, and can just get on with the
 specification of the two versions.

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