[Geopriv] IETF 79 consensus calls

From: Alissa Cooper ^lt;acooper@cdt.org>
Date: Tue Dec 07 2010 - 04:17:09 EST

We had a number of items from the meeting at IETF 79 that require list
consensus. Please respond by December 13 to indicate whether or not
you support each of the following:

1. Adoption of the following milestone: "Submit policy control
mechanism for location configuration as Proposed Standard"

2. Adoption of draft-barnes-geopriv-policy-uri-02 as a WG item (to
fulfill the above proposed milestone)

3. Changing the scope of the current residential gateway milestone
("Submit recommendations for LIS discovery through residential
gateways as Informational") such that it applies only to first
parties, like so: "Submit recommendations for LIS discovery conducted
by hosts behind residential gateways as Informational"


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