[Geopriv] Farewell for now....

From: John Morris ^lt;jmorris-lists@cdt.org>
Date: Mon Sep 26 2011 - 00:43:54 EDT

To my Geopriv friends,

Having been on this mailing list from the beginning, I just want to say a quick goodbye for now. As some of you know, after 10+ years of working on standards and other issues for the Center for Democracy & Technology in Washington, I am leaving to take a position position working on Internet policy at U.S. Department of Commerce. I will be dropping off the list in my current capacity (but my CDT colleague Alissa is of course still very much involved, and I hope to stay involved at some level). Although I've not been very active recently, over the years I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the work of this group. Thanks to Richard and Alissa, and all of the chairs back to Alison, and all of the participants over the years.

John Morris
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