Re: [Geopriv] New Version Notification for draft-bellis-geopriv-flow-identity-00.txt

From: Martin Thomson ^lt;>
Date: Thu Mar 01 2012 - 23:47:58 EST

This is pretty good. The only addition that I would make is to ensure
that the next great network or transport protocol gets a chance at
working here. Extension points for layer3 and layer4 are probably a
good idea. Fortunately, UPA isn't a problem, so you can make the
simple type a union of what you have and xs:token (or some restriction
thereof in order to restrict the valid set of characters to something

I do think that your justification could be made clearer. You wish to
identify a host on the remote side of a NAT by identifying a flow that
you know that host is participating in. We all got this one wrong.


On 29 February 2012 08:45, Ray Bellis <> wrote:
> It's only the complete 6-tuple that uniquely identifies the flow, and hence
> the internal target behind that NAT.
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